Most Runs In IPL 2016

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Most ODI Wickets For England

a detailed article on who has taken the most odi wickets for england in cricket

The nation where mostly Football sport is dominated, but peoples gave their time and love to cricket as well, yes we are talking about England where the atmosphere of cricket is on another level, especially in test cricket all the fans supports their team in almost every ball which makes the cricket more excited. However, today we are talking about ODI format where england completely changes their approach from last 5 years in the format. When we talks about bowling you might have a thought about who has taken the most odi wickets for england?

Well, bowling on england wickets is little bit supportive for fast bowler due to their conditions and the wicket, Moreover it requires the skills of the bowler to take wickets irrespective of the pitch consistently each and every to become best in the list. So let’s take a detailed look on which england player has taken the Most ODI Wickets For England.


Top 5 Players With Most ODI Wickets For England

1. James Anderson

  • The one of the greatest bowler who has still playing for the england in Test Cricket James Anderson is the player with the most odi wickets for england in history of one day international cricket. Jimmy Anderson has played 194 matches where he has picked 269 ODI wickets including 2-five wickets haul.
  • Anderson has always been big headache for the teams to tackle him in the test and ODI cricket, specially when the match is in his home nation England. Yes the condition is favorable in England but we cannot overlook the skills of the bowler where he has proving to be the best from years and years.
  • Although, Jimmy does not have that 90 mph pace but because of his mastery on In-swing and out-swing deliveries it makes him unplayable sometimes. The quality of finding the weak points of batsman and testing him at those points over and over again is the one factor involving in his success.
  • He his absolutely a inspirations for the players who want to be a great bowler in test cricket format, where you can not only learn about bowling but also to manage the workload to play for such a long period at the age of 40 years.

2. Darren Gough

  • Born in Barnsley, Darren Gough is considered to one of the finest bowler of England cricket. Darren has started his cricketing career by playing the county cricket for Yorkshire Cricket Club. In the span of 1994-2006 in ODI cricket he has taken 234 wickets in 158 matches which he played with the average of 35.99 which also contains 2-five wickets haul.
  • Furthermore, He was also favourite player of the crowd because of his aggressive and entertaining playstyle on the field. He was the first bowler of England who has taken the first hat trick in ODI cricket and became 2nd player in terms of picking most odi wickets for England.


3. Adil Rashid

  • The legendary leg spinner bowler of England Cricket Adil Rashid, who made the many great players dancing on his leg spin bowling comes in the 3rd place in the list of Most ODI Wickets For England. It will be not wrong to say that his is the white ball specialist player where he contributes to the team with not only his bowling but also his batting abilities in ODI and T20I.
  • When we talks about his ODI career, he has played 125 ODI matches where he has taken 183 wickets with average 34.22 with 2-five wickets haul in the span of 2009-2023. The tally of his wickets will surely go up as he still the main leg spin bowler for the England. The ODI World Cup which is going to start in 3 months, he can be the X factor for the team.
  • When we talks about his performance in the T20 leagues in the world he has shown his all rounding abilities in the leagues around the world, In the hardest T20 league of the world IPL, he has played couple of season with the Sunrisers Hyderabad where he performed well whenever he got the chance to play. But due to lack of management. franchise did not used all-rounder Adil Rashid effectively.
  • At present, Rashid has taken a break from test cricket to focus fully on the white ball cricket for his team. Which led to many cricket experts calling his decision wrong to not play in the test cricket.


4. Stuart Broad

  • Yet another great fast bowler of England Stuart Broad features himself in 4th spot in the elite list of most odi wickets for England. The duo of Anderson and Broad are possibly on the best active pair of fast bowling when it comes to taking the wickets for the team.
  • Broad has played 121 matches in the period of 2006-2016, where he has bagged 178 wickets with the average of 34.32 which also includes a five wicket haul in his ODI journey. However, it was not easy for him to overcome the brutal six-sixes in a over by Yuvraj Singh in 2007 T20I world cup, but he came back as the one of the best bowler of england in every format.
  • In Addition, Broad is also handy with his batting skills where he holds the record of 2nd fastest fifty by an England player in test cricket against Australia where he scored 50 runs in just 33 balls.


5. Andrew Flintoff

  • The player who has impressed everyone with his all rounding performance, Andrew Flintoff joins the list of most odi wickets for England by picking 168 wickets in 138 games in the span of 1999-2009 in One day international cricket. His best match bowling performance includes 6-45 with 2-five wicket hauls as well.
  • Apart from his bowling, he has also pretty good records when it comes to batting where he smashed 3,394 in 138 matches and played some crucial innings for the team when it required. Moreover, his aggressive behaviour creates more excitement among the fans, for example the iconic heated argument between Flintoff and Yuvraj Singh, where the Broad had to pay the consequences.

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