Most Sixes In Test Cricket

this blog is about top 5 players who has hit most sixes in test cricket

Test cricket is probably known for its class and stylish grounded shots like cover drives, back foot punches etc. But there are some players who operates in their own different league and smashes sixes in test cricket like T20 format. We have to admit that hitting Most Sixes In Test Cricket is quite difficult unlike white ball cricket, because of the conditions and bowling attack in test most of the players finds it tough to deliver the ball into the stands.

Regardless of this, Test cricket produced some modern day ruthless players who hits sixes for fun. Therefore let’s have look on some cricketers who managed to register their names in the list of most sixes in test cricket.


Top 5 Players With Most Sixes In Test Cricket 

1. Ben Stokes

  • Possibly the current best all rounder of test cricket and England’s red ball captain, Ben Stokes owns the record of hitting the most sixes in test cricket with 123 sixes in 95 matches as of now in 2023. His mindset in this 5 day long format makes him different from rest of the players when it comes to delivering the ball in stands.
  • If you are watching the ongoing Ashes test series of 2023, you will get better understanding what I meant by mindset. His 150 runs against England in 2nd test where he smacked 9 sixes in a inning against bowlers like Cummins, Starc, and Hazlewood.
  • Probably that was the one of the best fightback inning of Test cricket which I witnessed that day. When the whole team collapsed this man single handedly took his team near the victory while chasing the score of 300 plus. I think he has made to perform on big stages be it world cup matches or Ashes he stood up when it required the most.
  • In the past few years, the way Ben Stokes has changed his approach in test with his new aggressive playstyle is just phenomenal. The Bazball is truly entertaining for all the fans around the world and it made cricket more interesting, there were many talks that it will fail against big teams like Australia, But Stokes proved it completely wrong.


2. Brendon McCullum

  • The man behind the term ”Bazball” and current England test team’s coach, Brendon McCullum who has literally changed the dynamics of test cricket for England cricket the moment he took the post of head coach. Baz has played 101 matches in which he hit 107 sixes which makes him the 2nd player in the list of most sixes in test cricket.
  • If we closely look at the mentality of England players while batting at the crease, it is very similar to Brendon McCullum which is to just going out there and play according to the ball while having the aggressive mindset of hitting boundaries and sixes to put the bowler and opposition team in the pressure.
  • The reason he has achieved these many sixes in his career is because, that’s how he thinks towards this sport and that’s how he likes to play whether it is Test, ODI, or T20I his core fundamentals will remain the same. He actually believes that a cricketer should play the ball according to its line and length not by the name or how big the bowler who is bowling.


3. Adam Gilchrist 

  • Aussies left handed batsman Adam Gilchrist, who batted on number 7 position most of the times in his test career but still managed to feature in the 3rd place in terms of hitting most sixes in test cricket. Adam Gilchrist with his effortless six hitting abilities has played 96 test matches and trashed 100 sixes in his 9 years of test career.
  • I still remember the match against England in 2006 perth, Where in the first inning he got out on zero and in the second inning he came and made the 2nd fastest test century in test cricket, he was the only one who could have done these types of crazy things in cricket.
  • Moreover, In that match I was thrilled by watching his standing effortless sixes, I mean everyone hits sixes but Gilchrist was something. One more thing which I liked about Adam is his fairplay, there were many times he was given not out but still he used to walk towards the dressing room knowing he is out, which is rare to find in most of the aussie players.


4. Chris Gayle

  • Unarguably the man with zero haters the universe boss, Chris Gayle has received loved from every cricket playing nation not only for his entertaining innings but also for his kind behaviour both on and off the field. Most people may know him for his brutal sixes in T20 cricket but he has pretty good records in test cricket as well.
  • Universe boss Gayle has played 103 test games in which he sends ball 98 times in to the stands which makes him at the 4th spot in the list of most sixes in test cricket. I have heard from many peoples who says “Gayle is not suitable for test cricket” which is I think stupidity to say this if you ever looked at his records in test.
  • Actually he was really underrated in test format, How can someone calls him overrated for test when he played 100 test matches for West Indies. A player will never ever able to play even 20 or 30 test games if he doesn’t performs whereas Gayle has more than 7,000 runs and 15 test centuries in his career.


5. Virender Sehwag 

  • One of the most fearless batsman of Indian cricket history who never cared about personal milestone and put his team always forth, Virender Sehwag claims 5th place when it comes to smashing most sixes in test cricket. Sehwag in his 104 test matches hit 91 sixes in his 12 years of test journey.
  • Moreover, we have seen many players getting nervous whenever they are nearing milestone but in Sehwag’s case, forget about being nervous he likes to hit sixes when he was batting on 290’s which literally shows why people calls him a teamplayer.
  • Virender Sehwag was never a fan of correct foot movement, he just knew one thing which is to hit the ball for six in return whatever it takes. Truly he was the iconic opener of India who entertained the whole world with his clean six hitting abilities.


Q) Who hit the most sixes in test ?

England captain, Ben Stokes owns the title of most sixes in test cricket (123 sixes).

Q) Which Indian cricketer smashed most sixes in test cricket?

Virender Sehwag is the only Indian cricketer, who hit the most sixes in test (91 sixes).

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Most Man Of The Series In International Cricket [Updated 2023]

detail explanations of the players who has the most man of the series in cricket

I was just watching the 2015 world-cup highlights where aussie player Mitchell Starc got the player of the series award for his ruthless bowling throughout the entire tournament which made me think that, We see in each and every ICC and bilateral matches where cricketers gets player of the award but who is the number one player who has the most man of the series in international cricket?

Well the straight forward answer for your questions is, Modern day GOAT Virat Kohli has the most man of the series in International Cricket where he won 20 man of the series award out of 149 series which he played in the span of 2008-2023.

Although, there are many more cricketers who comes in the this high profile list of most player of the series in international cricket from many cricket playing nations of the world. Therefore, let’s go through all the players who are in the top 5.


Top 5 Players With Most MOS Awards In International Cricket

1. Virat Kohli

  • As I mentioned above Virat Kohli tops this list with “20 man of the series trophies” in his career as of now in 2023 and he might add some more in his account if he plays for another 3,4 years where he can see him bashing the teams with his batting ability which we have seen in the past as well.
  • let’s take an eye of his iconic and famous performances where he got man of the series, Many cricket critics says that Virat Kohli’s playstyle and his approach is not appropriate for T20 cricket, but this man proved everyone wrong in the 2014 and 2016 T20 world cups where he received player of the trophy for entire series twice in two consecutive T20 world cups.
  • Moreover, Virat Kohli even scored 82* runs against australia in 2016 t20 world cup in a quarter final game which kept India alive in that tournament. People may troll him for not having a IPL title, but when it comes to perform for the nation in crucial games he has always stood up for the team.


2. Sachin Tendulkar

  • Another Indian batsman who is popularly known as “God of cricket” Sachin Tendulkar who has dominated great bowlers of his era like Brett lee, Shoaib Akhtar, Dale Steyn and many more. If you ever sit and look at all of his records you, people might starts argument on deciding which was the the best achievement of his career.
  • Despite playing in the era of legendary bowlers, Sachin Tendulkar has played 183 series which includes all three formats and won “20 player of series trophies” in the time period between 1989-2013, and registered his name in the list of most man of the series in international cricket.
  • If you look closely you’ll notice that Virat and Sachin is now has equal player of series award which is 20, now it will be interesting to see in which upcoming series or tournament Kohli surpasses Sachin, you never know it can be his next series against West Indies as well.


3. Shakib Al Hasan

  • The man who scored the magnificent century in 2019 world cup against West Indies and possibly the best all-rounder of the Bangladesh Cricket’s history, Shakib Al Hasan featured in the 3rd position in terms of having most man of the series in international cricket, where he got player of the series title 16 times out of 145 series in his cricketing career.
  • Shakib made his international debut in the year 2006 and playing till now in 2023, in all these years of his cricket journey Shakib aroused as a successful all rounder in all three formats of game. However, in recent the Shakib has been criticized for his rude and furious behaviour against the umpire’s decision on the field in 2021.
  • Apart from his controversial behaviours at many occasion, Shakib is undoubtedly a complete player of this game with his arm balls and slog hitting he has made pretty good impact in the world cricket.
  • His recent best bowling performance came against the India in ODI where he picked 5 wickets and hugely contributed to win the game for his nation in 2022 tour.


4. Sanath Jayasuriya

  • Former Sri Lankan left handed batter, Sanath Jayasuriya who was a fearless batsman regardless of whoever is bowling. The powerful and iconic player Jayasuriya claims 4th place in this list of most man of the series in international cricket by having 13 player of the series awards in 176 series of all formats.
  • Jayasuriya always used to love performance against big teams, memorable example can be his 189 runs vs India in 2000 champions trophy which was played in Sharjah. This man came and introduced destructive batting approach before the players like Sehwag, ABD, Dhoni, Gayle etc but did not got enough popularity and appreciation by the world.
  • Today’s test cricket legend bowler’s like Jimmy Anderson used to struggle to find his rhythm against Sanath Jayasuriya because of his explosive batting in test cricket as well, he even once scored 6-fours in a over against Anderson which really dictates his mindset while playing on the pitch.


5. David Warner

  • Aussie opener David Warner who literally helped in carrying the aggressive legacy of prime Australian team era made his way in this elite list of Most man of the series in international cricket where, he played 115 series in the span of 2009-2023 and received 12 player of the series awards which is absolutely phenomenal.
  • A friend of mine asked, Why David Warner is considered as a modern day great player? He is not even scoring any fifties or hundreds in past few years. My answer was pretty simple I just suggested him to watching him playing before 2018 where he used to smash centuries for fun against big teams like England, India, and South Africa.
  • Certainly after his ban period, he does not look like old aggressive Warner who used to involve in heated conversations and also changed his approach little bit passive towards the game. Still he has some good records in 2019 ODI world cup and important ICC trophies matches.
  • Probably Warner is approaching his age towards 40 in some years, which we might only see him another 1 or hardly 2 years on the field. Nevertheless he has created some huge moment in his career which can be remembered for years.


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