Most Sixes In IPL 2021 Season By A Player

Over the years the Indian premier league has drastically changed in terms of its six hitting dynamics by each passing season as new young and popular players are coming by entire new aggressive approach. In every year we witness, some of the players of who registers their name in the list of most sixes in a single IPL season.

Likewise, the IPL season of 2021, was something we cannot forget as we saw former destructive players like Maxwell and Faf Du Plessis coming back in their original form, which fans used to know them. Both, the indian and foreign players entertained the people who were sitting at the home during the pandemic period in the 2021 IPL season. Hence, let’s take a look on the players who smashed the most six in IPL 2021.

Top 10 Players Who Hit The Most Six In IPL 2021

1) Kl Rahul – 30 Sixes

Kl rahul has hit most sixes in 2021 IPL.

India’s one of the most consistent batsman in the last 5 years of IPL, Kl Rahul tops the chart of hitting the most number of sixes in 2021 IPL season by smashing the 30 sixes in the 13 group stage matches.

Punjab Kings captain, Kl Rahul was quite unfortunate as he did not able to play the qualifiers of 2021 season, despite being the top scorer and the highest six hitting player of the season. His elegant and classy six hitting quality is something which makes him different from any other t20 power hitter.

2) Faf Du Plessis – 23 Sixes

2nd highest six hitter of IPL 2021 season.

At the age of 37 years, when players usually gets retired from all forms of cricket, There is a player named ‘Faf Du Plessis’ who doesn’t believe in all this, as he stands out as the 2nd player to smash the highest six in 2021 IPL. When Du Plessis was playing as a CSK opener in 2021, He thrashed 23 sixes in 16 IPL games.

Moreover, Faf Du Plessis batting technique is quite weird, be it his stance or backlift but he still manages to generate pretty good amount of power while smashing the big shots.

3) Ruturaj Gaikwad – 23 Sixes

Throwback, when Faf Du Plessis was the non striker partner of young Indian promising opener, Ruturaj Gaikwad who showcased his masterclass to the world by entering in the special list of most six in IPL 2021 by a Individual where he played 16 IPL games in which he hit 23 sixes.

When CSK gave him the opportunity to shine, Gaikwad grabbed it very strongly and fixed his permanent seat in the playing 11 of Chennai Super Kings by giving continuous impactful and match winning performance to the team from last few years.

4) Glenn Maxwell – 21 Sixes

Glenn Maxwell, player with most number of Sixes in ipl 2021.

The comeback which every Glenn Maxwell fan wanted from a long time in his IPL career, came after sharing the dressing room with the Virat Kohli in the RCB. When everyone started to questioned Glenn Maxwell’s batting performances, he delivered his best for RCB by hitting 21 sixes and 513 runs in 15 IPL games in 2021 season of IPL.

The majority of 21 sixes which maxwell hit, came while playing at the number 4 batting position, where he has to accelerate his strike rate and team score both at once, which was quite a tough task to do for any other batter except the Big Show ‘Glenn Maxwell’.

5) Moeen Ali – 19 Sixes

Yet another CSK batter, who played very crucial role behind the IPL title win of Chennai Super Kings in 2021, Moeen Ali was seen in very different role than he plays for his national team England. Moeen Ali played at number 3-4 batting position, according to the situation to boost the team score.

Furthermore, He ended up smashing the 19 sixes out of 15 games and became the 5th batsman who scored the most six in IPL 2021 season. Moreover, M. Ali doesn’t rely much on his muscle power while hitting the biggies, he intends more to provide the sweet spot of the bat to, which is timing.

6) Mayank Agarwal – 18 Sixes

The bestie and teammate of KL Rahul, Mayank Agarwal was probably seen in his prime form during the IPL 2021 season, where he represented the Punjab Kings along with the KL Rahul in the opening of the innings. Furthermore, Mayank played 12 IPL games and ended up hitting 18 sixes in the entire 2021 season.

However, after having a amazing season not only in terms of hitting the most sixes in ipl 2021, but also by providing pretty strong start in the opening in the entire season, Mayank Agarwal did not able to continue this performance for a long as he underperformed in 2022-23 IPL.

7) Prithvi Shaw – 18 Sixes

This was the last time when the world saw the vintage and explosive Prithvi Shaw which we all knew. In year 2021, Prithvi Shaw was destroying the the bowlers like Rabada and Cummins for fun, where he finished his season by having the 18 sixes in 15 IPL games in his stats account.

Delhi Capitals opener, Prithvi Shaw is certainly a player to watch out, as he has the solid fundamentals of cricket along with the new aggressive mindset which can make him a great player like his own IPL team coach, Ricky Ponting.

8) Sanju Samson – 17 Sixes

Sanju Samson, 7th player to hit most sixes in 2021 IPL.

Being a newly appointed captain of Rajasthan Royals with plenty of responsibilities and pressure on Sanju Samson during the 2021 IPL, where he actually did the opposite and ended up smashing the 17 sixes in 14 games of group stages.

Moreover, I personally thinks that, Sanju Samson and Rohit Sharma has couple of similarities in batting, especially in terms of batting timing. Samson was coached by Rahul Dravid during his under 19 days, which is the reason behind the clean and classy six hitting style of Sanju Samson.

9) Nitish Rana – 17 Sixes

Left hander, Nitish Rana has consistently delivered pretty good knocks in entire 2021 season for Kolkata Knight Riders as he became the 9th player to hit the most sixes in ipl 2021. Stylish and impulsive batter, Nitish Rana played 17 matches where he remained equal to the RR captain Sanju Samson in terms of hitting the sixes which is 17.

Furthermore, Nitish Rana is quite strong in the square and mid-wicket position area where he easily send the balls into the stands whenever a bowler tries to bowl him in the leg and middle stump of line. He doesn’t miss a chance to smash the off spinners for long sixes, which might be the possible reason behind his inclusion in this list.

10) Kieron Pollard – 17 Sixes

You probably have wondered why the grand master of six hitter is ranked on the 10th position in the list of most sixes in 2021 ipl? That’s because he was going through the mediocre phase in his IPL career in 2021, despite he ended up thrashing 17 sixes by playing 14 IPL games for Mumbai Indians.

The another reason was, his batting order which is at number 5 and 6 most of the times, which leads him to face only 2-3 overs whereas other batters who are present in this list have got the decent number of balls to face and to smash the sixes. Yet, Pollard’s strong muscle and bat speed helped him to hit 17 sixes in 2021 IPL.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who hit the most sixes in 2023 IPL?

RCB Opener, Faf Du Plessis has the title of hitting the most number of sixes in 2023 which is 36 sixes by playing only 14 matches.

How Many Sixes Shivam Dube hit in 2023 IPL?

Young underrated and left handed batter, Shivam Dube had an extraordinary IPL season of 2023, as he smashed 35 sixes by playing 16 IPL matches.

How Many Sixes Virat Kohli smashed in 2023 IPL?

Virat Kohli who is the big power hitter of white ball cricket, mostly relies on his timing and bat speed which leads him to hit 14 sixes in IPL 2023.


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