Highest Test Wins As Captain

The oldest format, Test cricket which will surely going to rule the world in coming years as well, has witnessed many successful test captains in the game from the beginning of this long format. Some players has showed really good quality leadership while they were captain whereas some did not. Having the highest test wins as captain certainly not an easy task, because it completely test the ability of the captain to handle pressure and adapting the different conditions in different regions.

Irrespective of the conditions and situations, there are many great test captain who managed to leave their spark in all over the countries, lets have take s look on the players with Highest Test Wins As Captain.


Top 5 Most Successful Test Captain

1. Graeme Smith

  • If there is discussion going about the role of leadership, it’s not possible to not hear about the great left handed batter as well as captain in test cricket. The Record of having the Highest test wins as captain belongs to the South African legend, Graeme Smith where he won 53 Test matches in the role of captain for South Africa.
  • His spirit to always put his team forth was something I liked the most about him. I still remember the match against Australia in Sydney Cricket Ground, where he got hit on his left hand finger and had to leave the field because of injury.
  • Later when South Africa has to defend 30 balls to save the match, Graeme Smith enters the ground with his broken left hand, though he did not able to save his team from defeat but he surely showed his character and earned the respect from each and every fan.
  • Certainly, South Africa would like to have an another player with the captaincy skills of Smith in future, let’s see who can fill up that role.


2. Ricky Ponting

  • The man who carried the legacy of the Australian cricket and did not leaved a single chance of contributing to the team Ricky Ponting features in 2nd place in the list of highest test wins as captain. When it comes to his captaincy he ticks all the box which is required to be a great test captain. Ricky Ponting has won 48 Test matches out of 77 he played as test captain and also comes in the list when the discuss is about the most runs in test for australia as well.
  • Let me show you some achievement which will probably describe him more than my words. Ponting was the Champion of ODI world cup 2003 and 2007 and also led his team in quarter final in 2011 world cup. He was also the winner of champions trophy 2006 and 2009.
  • Apart from ICC achievement he almost conquered every team under his captaincy period where he had 5 test maces as well. The tough character on the field which he brings out every time when he plays for the Australian Cricket is something that every leader can’t do.
  • The post retirement life of Ponting is still involved around Cricket Australia, back in the world cup 2019 he worked as a assistant coach for his nation and active in many other T20 leagues as head coach.


3. Steve Waugh

  • The never give up attitude, when it comes to the captaincy skills was a virtue which every cricket playing nation would like to have in their leader and player, we are talking about the great Aussie captain Steve Waugh who added a world cup trophy to the Australian cabin in 1999.
  • Moreover, Steve Waugh was in the role of captain in 57 games where he got success in 41 test matches. One more interesting fact about his stats is, Steve Waugh is the only player who has the highest winning percentage in test cricket which is 71.92 in his test journey.
  • Nevertheless, His captaincy tenure was not that long as any other test leader but he certainly left his legacy of being best test captain for Australia in the span of 1999-2004. In my opinions, what makes Waugh a great test captain is that, he has the two high quality traits which is endless determination towards the game and managing his players.
  • Many young captains in cricket lack when it comes to managing their own players, which Waugh did exceptionally well. He understood the capabilities of his players and roles and used according to it. Second thing, which was his strong determination against all the odds to overcome it.


4. Virat Kohli

  • The world cricket has no need to introduce what kind of player Virat Kohli is in all three formats, But there are some cricket fans who thinks Virat Kohli was not great test captain. To answer for this question his stats itself is enough, The former Indian test captain takeover the role in 2014, where he won 40 matches out of 68 test matches and became the 4th player to have the highest test wins as captain.
  • Infact, Virat Kohli was the first India test captain who won the Border Gavaskar Trophy in Australia in 2018 tour. Not only that, he dominated his test era with his captaincy in South Africa, England, New Zealand and Australia which is consider as toughest venues to win.
  • But unfortunately, after having an amazing test career as a captain he stepped down from captaincy on January 22nd in 2022 and replaced by new captain Rohit Sharma. The reason behind his sudden resign from test captaincy is still unknown, but undoubtedly he was India’s best test captain of all time.


5. Clive Lloyd

  • The young generation of cricket fans, looks West Indies as a weak team because of his performance in the past few years, but the people’s who were following cricket closely, will know how dangerous it used to be back in 1980s and 1990s. One of the great example was Clive Lloyd who is the 5th player in the incredible list of Highest test wins as captain.
  • The Iconic player and test captain of West Indies Clive Lloyd has been part of 74 test matches where he successfully won 36 games with the wing percentage of 48.64 in his test career.
  • At the age of 40 against Australia in Brisbane test match, he scored quick 100 runs in just 114 balls and showed the world that age will not going to affect his performance and playstyle. The 6-feet long and powerful player would have been a great T20I player as well if would have in the era of short format cricket.


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