10 Greatest All-Rounders Of Modern Day Cricket

Probably one of the toughest task in cricket is, to play as an all-rounder where a player has to practice and perform in both the  areas of batting and bowling regularly for the team. From the early 90s to today’s modern day cricket, we have witnessed many greatest all-rounders of the cricket who had left their mark on the field because of their excellence in batting and bowling.

Moreover, Every cricket playing nation has at least 2-3 in their squad but very few of them can able to show something magical and extraordinary on the field which makes them different from rest. Therefore, let us take a brief look on the 10 greatest all rounders of all time in cricket history.

Top 10 Best All Rounders In Cricket History

1) Ben Stokes

Ben Stokes is the greatest all-rounder in cricket.

By far, England captain Ben Stokes is currently owning the title of best all rounder of cricket at present due to his ability to pull off some greatest clutch moments of cricket history. No one can forget his iconic Headingley inning and the world cup 2019 match winning knock in final against New Zealand, which made him separate and ahead of the rest.

Ben Stokes in 2021 took the England’s red ball captaincy and started a entire new aggressive approach which is called ‘Bazball’. The Fittest cricketer, Stokes has established himself as one of the best white ball all-rounders in the recent years due to his back to back iconic performances.

2) Mohammad Nabi

Mohammad Nabi is 2nd best all-rounder player in the world.

All-rounder Mohammad Nabi from Afghanistan finds second place in the list of Greatest all rounders of cricket with his magical number in ODI and T20 format of the game. The right batter and off break bowler, Nabi has played 158 matches in ODI where he smashed 3,345 runs and picked 163 wickets.

Moreover, Mohammad Nabi provides a lot of experience to young players in the Afghanistan’s squad as he has played every t20 league of the world. Apart from his destructive batting and tricky off-spin, he is also well known as a excellent player of the fielding.

3) Ravindra Jadeja

India's greatest all-rounder is Ravindra Jadeja.

Indian left arm bowler and batsman, Ravindra Jadeja is one the finest all-rounder of cricket in all three formats of the cricket. Jadeja has every element which a player requires in order to be the best, be it sensational wicket taking ability or winning the games for the team with high strike rate batting.

Jadeja has played 197 ODI games in which he grabbed 220 wickets and scored 2,756 runs, whereas in the red ball cricket Jadeja scalped 280 wickets and 2,893 runs with the bat in 69 Test matches. These astonishing stats, certainly makes him the greatest all-rounder of India.

Furthermore, his rocket arm throw and catch taking ability is something which sets him apart. Any batsmen, doesn’t even try to think about taking a run if the ball is near Ravindra Jadeja, that’s the kind of fear he brings out on the field for the opposition team.

4) Shakib Al Hasan 

4th greatest all-rounder in world at present.

Bangladesh might not be that big thing in the world cricket in terms of their performances in ICC and bilateral games, but certainly it has produced an outstanding bowling all-rounder named Shakib Al Hasan.

Shakib has amazing number in one day cricket, as he grabbed 317 wickets and made 7,574 runs. On the other hand in test cricket, he stands ahead of any other Bangladeshi player with 233 wickets and 4,454 runs in 66 Test games. These phenomenal numbers itself speaks about his ability to perform in any format of the game.

However in terms of stats, Shakib is ahead of any other all rounder in this list but the reason he featured on 4th rank is, He did not gave performances on the big stage when it required the most for the team. Regardless of that, A one cannot deny him as greatest all-rounder of cricket at present.

5) Rashid Khan

Rashid is one of the greatest all-rounder cricketer.

One of the most loved cricketer from Afghanistan, Rashid Khan’s magical leg spin bowling is still something which most of the batters in the world did not find a way to tackle him. The reason Rashid Khan ranked on 5th place as greatest all-rounder of cricket is due to his unbelievable performances which he pulls off for the team.

The 25 year old, Rashid Khan has achieved a well known name in international cricket. Talking about his ODI numbers, He scored 1,316 runs and grabbed 183 wickets in 103 games. Moreover, He only played 5 test games in his career till now.

Rashid becomes more dangerous when the format is of 20 overs. In T2OI, He played 82 games and picked 130 wickets and also scored 370 runs. If you think he scored quite less runs in T20I, then let me clear you he bats at no 7 or 8 where he often time does not get enough balls to express himself.

6) Ravichandran Ashwin

Introducing another iconic spin all-rounder of India, who almost deceived all the best batters of the world such as Steve Smith, Alastair Cook, Kane Williamson, Joe Root, Stokes, and many others that too multiple times, especially in red ball cricket.

Ravi Ashwin is popularly known for his accurate off spin deliveries where he deceives the batsmen with his flight and turn which he gets from the pitch. Apart from his off-break bowling, He also scored 5 centuries in test cricket. Whereas in ODI and T20I he plays a small cameo of 20-30s in the end which helps to boost team’s score.

Furthermore, Ashwin has featured in 97 test games for India, in which he grabbed 499 wickets and made 3,217 runs with the bat as well. Currently he is playing the test series against the England where he is seeking out to get a wicket in order to become the player with 500 test wickets.

7) Hardik Pandya

Yet another All-rounder of India joins the list of greatest all-rounders of cricket at present, fast bowler and right handed batter Hardik Pandya is someone who enters the ground with the ability of winning the match single-handedly with his bowling and destructive batting.

Hardik Pandya is India’s prominent all-rounder at the moment, because no one else does the job better than him which he is doing now. Hardik Pandya showcased his talent back in 2017 champions trophy against Pakistan where he smacked the Pakistani bowlers for sixes like a cup of coffee.

8) Glenn Maxwell 

Glenn Maxwell is 8th greatest all-rounder in cricket.

Australian all-rounder Glenn Maxwell finds the 8th place in the list greatest all-rounders of cricket as he recently established himself as promising off-spinner for the team where he is not only economical but also became a wicket taking option for the captain Pat Cummins.

Every cricket fan out there, knows how dangerous and destructive Maxwell becomes ones he finds himself settled in the crease. His 200 runs knock in 2023 ODI world cup that too when he was struggling with cramps is enough to describe his inhuman ability in batting.

Moreover, He has taken 110 wickets in white ball cricket by playing 240 runs in both ODI and T20I format.

9) Jason Holder

Caribbean player Jason Holder stands on 9th place as a greatest all-rounder of cricket at present time. Jason Holder is quite a underrated player as he can smash some pretty long shots in batting and can trouble any batter with his hard length bowling.

Jason Holder is regular player of West Indies squad in all three formats of the game. He played 64 test games and ended up making 2,729 runs with the bat and 157 wickets with the ball.

On the other hand in white ball, He played total 200 games in which he smashed 7,735 runs and grabbed 225 wickets in both ODI and T20 International. Apart from these impressive stats, he performs quite well in the league cricket including IPL, PSL, CPL and others as well.

10) Chris Woakes

Probably England has the most number of all-rounders present in their squad, and Chris Woakes is one of them. Fast bowler and Right handed batsman, Woakes serves to England cricket in Red and white ball cricket and has been delivering some promising performances from years.

34 years old Chris Woakes has played 203 matches including all three forms of the game where he scored 3,424 runs and picked 353 wickets. Thus, Our list of top 10 greatest all rounders ends up with England’s Chris Woakes.


Who is the greatest all-rounder in ODI at present?

Well looking at the recent records and performances in world cricket, Ben Stokes is the greatest all-rounder of ODI format at present in cricket.

Who is the India's best all-rounder in all three formats?

Ravindra Jadeja and Ravichandran Ashwin both are equally deserved for the title of India's best all-rounder as they have sensational numbers in red and white ball cricket.

How many centuries Ben Stokes scored in test cricket for England?

Captain Stokes has smashed 13 Centuries 99 test games for England with the highest score of 258 runs in a inning.